Automatically Count Employees Working Hour Software.

System Specifications.

 Registration form where an employee can signup for account
 This registration form will collect the required information from employee
 After the registration process, the employee will add his workplace location and hit the
“Start Work” button
 Once the employee will hit the start work button, the system will start counting working job
 To stop the working hours the employee will have to hit the “Stop Work” button.
 Employee will be asked to add any notes / work report (if any) in a text box
 The system will save the employee’s data with worked hours and notes/report.
 At the end of job the system will automatically create the job details report that will saved in
database for admin to view. The report will contain the employee’s identity info (name,
location), start time, end time, work duration (in hours), wages (if required) and report card.
 Admin can access all employees information
 Admin can see the currently active employees, with their names, workplace location, start
and end time and working hours (duration).
 Admin can also access and view the work history of 1 day or a week or a month, or for any
desired period of time.
 Admin can filter / search for specific records data.
 Admin can edit or delete any data.
 Additionally, a feature can be added to the system to download the selected employees
work data in PDF file or MS Excel file.
Additional Features
 System will have a responsive design for best view on all devices (PC, laptop, smartphone,
tablet, etc.)
 System will have user-friendly and easy to use interface.
 We’ll provide 30 days free maintenance.
 We’ll provide you system enhancement services in future at additional cost, if you ever plan
to upgrade the system with new features.
System Development Cost
The development cost of system is $5000.

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